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How to Infiltrate a Drug Cartel

A cop from a quiet Swiss town becomes involved with an investigation into drug and weapons trafficking, and begins to infiltrate organized crime, but at no small cost to his safety and sanity. This wild documentary will take you from quaint Swiss villages to the jungles of Bolivia, and is the only film you will see this year to feature money laundering, South American drug barons and Nazi commandos at the same time.


On a frozen planet, a furry creature, the last of its kind, fights for survival. An android from the other side of the galaxy falls from the sky, on the very same planet. Together, they will strike up an unlikely friendship.


Based on Shakespeare’s Henry VI cycle and Richard III, Tyrant shows the reclusive, forsaken despot in his final, haunted moments. Abandoned by all, he turns to his last friend, us, the audience, and makes his confession.
(optional subtitles in English and French)


Russia, 1922. The Civil War is almost over. White Army deserters Volodia (Ryan Lee, Super 8) and Ossendowski (Richard Jones, Rake) journey through a war-torn landscape in search of sanctuary. This award-winning  film has screened at festivals across the world and had a run on Shorts TV. Here it is, finally, fully public, for your viewing pleasure!