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It Tastes of Cinema

It feels like cinema… it has that je-ne-sais-quoi… It’s anamoprhic glass for the masses without the quality compromise. It’s Atlas lenses. From upstart to Hollywood option, these pioneers have yanked anamorphic lenses down from the unaffordable sphere where they once floated. As their newer line of Mercury lenses demonstrate, they refuse to rest on their laurels AND listen to their customers, a very winning combination indeed!

Vintage Style

Our friends at IronGlass in Ukraine breathe life into beloved old Soviet glass, rehousing classics and making them suitable for full-frame digital cinematography. Their lenses have tons of personality, and if they’re good enough for ace DP Greig Fraser (The Batman – 2022), then they’re good enough for you!

The 5 Star Treatment

The good people at Criterion are transferring their huge collection online, but continue to give us reasons not to give up on physical formats just yet. Having pioneered the DVD extra, Criterion manage to dig up masterpieces (some of them very rare) and give them the 5 star treatment. We love you, Criterion!

Can You Handle the Truth?

The old image of film critics as humorless, greying academics gets a hilarious makeover from Red Letter Media. Probably the internet’s best balance of humor and intelligent analysis, it does to film criticism what the Daily Show did to the news.

Have You Seen This?

In need of any film recommendations? Our fellow cinephile and countryman Otto Von B has written over 200 reviews on IMDB, most of them pretty insightful and some downright hilarious. Check these out.

Partners in Crime

Here’s a shout out to our frequent collaborators and friends over at fellow Swiss-based production house Staprod. We’ve done many projects together, and their wonderful images – particularly of the airborne variety – mean we keep coming back for more. Here’s to the next couple of mad endeavors!

The Filmmaker’s Toolkit

Chances are you not only know about it, you already have an account and have bought at least one piece of kit there. B&H is Amazon for audiovisual professionals. But its greatest strength, beyond offering a reliable platform for any relevant purchase in the field, is its user reviews section. Now go there, read up, and, like anybody who’s ever bought a camera since one was first invented, agonize over whether you’ve made the right choice…

You Know You Need That Lens When…

… Ken Rockwell says you do! Ken is Philip Bloom’s un-flashy spiritual cousin, doing for lenses what Bloom does for cameras and gear. His elegant comparisons, near-encyclopedic knowledge of lenses and crisp review format have helped buyers save a lot of grief, time and money. His recommendations are simply invaluable.

Make Your Head Explode (for free)!

If 60% of internet traffic is porn, and the remainder is people watching kittens on YouTube, there has to be a better, alternative universe where all people do is read Cracked.